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August 23, 2005


Online Shopping

I don’t think the sandlot football example is too male, although I do think it’s going to be lost on more than half your readers. Perhaps a visual aid would help. Actually, I linked to that article and I wanted to ask you several questions about it, since it brings to light a lot of problems with the workplace today, since 90% of workplaces are internet-ready and people have to depend on it for communication. When you visit a site, say for online shopping and you sign up for their newsletter, shouldn’t it come 100% error free? I mean it’s a business marketing tool and no business would ever let a direct mail newsletter head out to consumers with mistakes. The internet has made it possible for any schmo with an internet connection call himself a writer and get people to buy his services. Does that bother you as much as it bothers me? I mean, will we ever really know what credentials and capabilities we’re buying ever again now that everything is online?

Scott McArthur

I agree with the visual writing notion and have been deploying this as a technique now for a number of years.

Here is a fantastic example of what you can do with visual dialogue


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