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November 25, 2004



Aloha Tom, and mahalo for your kind words about Managing with Aloha. I've always been a "word junkie," believing in the power of the written word, yet never feeling I was artistic enough to illustrate my thoughts the way that other people do - I was even bad at doodling! Then for a while I was anti-graphics because of all the horrible Power Point presentations I'd sat through at countless conferences. However you make a good point - and have given me yet another context in which to re-think! There are no pictures or illustrations in Managing with Aloha, and many have suggested I follow it up with a seminar workbook - people actually like those faulty whiteboard lessons I manage to scribble in my classes! - so I definitely have to give all of this some thought. Mahalo for helping me be even more open-minded at the same time you so generously gave me the credit for trying to be so! Ho'ohana, Rosa

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