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June 01, 2004




The question as you pose it is very similar to much of the discussion concerning personal KM vs. enterprise KM: either one or the other. Personally, I see it as more of a synergistic relationship than a competitive one.

Instead of trying to impose an enterprise solution, I suggest encouraging and developing good individual knowledge worker KM practices (PKM, if you will) with an overall goal of achieving the enterprise solution.


Tom Collins


It sounds like we're in agreement and I like your suggestion to avoid seeing this as a competition. As I hope has emerged from my recent posts (6/30, 7/5, & 7/11) and the model I'm working on, I look at PKM as extending beyond the individual in both directions. Effective PKM includes paying attention to where the "dots" come from and where they go after the individual "connects" them.

That means we have to build team collaboration tools and enterprise information systems (not to mention tools for connecting outside the enterprise, as well). My concern comes from the well-documented fact that vast resources have been poured into monolithic "enterprise solutions" without much work on making them accessible or usable by the individual knowledge worker.

My argument is not about either/or, but about focus and starting points.

I believe we must start with accepting the wide variation in work and learning styles. Then we must help the individual knowledge workers improve their own effectiveness, while designing organizational resources based on how those diverse individual knowledge workers will actually use them.

By the way, I enjoyed a quick skim through your "no straight lines" blog ( http://nsl.blogspot.com/ ) and am adding it to my list and my Bloglines feed. Your posts regarding intelligent organizations, "smart pull" technologies, and the KM relevance of "The Matrix" movies, caught my interest.

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